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Pope Francis announces a holy year: the Holy door of Notre-Dame de Québec will reopen on December 8, 2015 !!! 

Pape FrançoisPope Francis has closely followed the celebrations of the 350th anniversary of Notre-Dame de Québec and the interest generated by the Holy Door.

Whatever the reasons that brought the pilgrims and visitors to Notre-Dame de Quebec, the Holy Door has had a significant impact to the population of any origin and any confession. The symbolic and human values conveyed by the event were profound and positive. Pope Francis wants to repeat the same thing in Rome! This is why it announces a Holy Year of mercy, for peace, where all the holy doors of the world, including that of Québec unique in America, will reopen!

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Pilgrimages in Nouvelle-France, to Notre-Dame de Québec's Holy Door and the sepulcher of St. Francis of Laval ...

porte sainte okAlthough the Holy Door is now sealed, it remains an object arousing devotion and prayer and, like in Compostello and other Holy Door destinations of the world, pilgrimages continue to be offered to visitors.

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By registering in advance you book a time slot for your group and you'll be greeted by someone who will give you specific instructions to the experience of the pilgrimage.

The celebration of the closing of the Holy Door opened the future of both Notre-Dame de Québec, First Parish in North America, and the Catholic Church in Quebec, on a missionary impulsion. The international success of the 350th anniversary of Notre-Dame de Québec, with the canonization of St. François de Laval and St. Mary of the Incarnation deploy new pilgrimage outlook for the coming years at Notre-Dame de Québec.

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May 16, 1659
Msgr de Laval sets foot in Percé, Gaspé, where he celebrates his first Mass in Nouvelle-France.

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